In-House Manufacturing

All PowerUp products are designed, built, tested, and distributed to meet higher acceptance criteria than industry standards.

OEM Supplier

PowerUP manufactures FAA/PMA approved aircraft magnetos, ignition leads, harnesses, & replacement parts for general aviation & military customers.

Quick Turn-Around

We’re committed to world class service to keep you flying. With our vast exchange pool and strategic OEM partnerships, we deliver swift solutions for all your service needs.

Our Story: Good to GREAT

The Slick magneto is a good magneto and has been in service for many years, powering thousands of aircraft. The process of PMA’ing detail parts for the Slick magnetos started over 20 years ago and continued through the introduction of the Kelly Aero PMA direct replacement for the Slick magneto, first introduced in 2020. Hartzell Engine Tech can now incorporate everything that has been learned in the past, apply new thinking and manufacturing processes, and create a GREAT magneto.

Meet the PowerUp magneto, part of the PowerUp Ignition Systems product line.

Learn From Your Mistakes; Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

PMA’s are not transferred from company to company, they are resubmitted for approval.  Every time a PMA application is submitted, service difficulty reports, service bulletins, and airworthiness directives must be reviewed.  PMA’s are not a copy of the original, but an improvement on the original.  We had the opportunity to “design out” these failure modes and we did.  Coils, capacitors, impulse couplings, points and gears have all been redesigned and improved.

Educate the Customer And Provide Value

PowerUp magnetos are available in PMA new, factory overhauled, and aftermarket overhauled.  Understanding the workscope and which price point best meets your needs, is what we do best.

Improved Impulse Coupling

  • Single-piece impulse coupling hub design, no rivets
  • Improved durability & manufacturability

Improved Capacitor

  • Internally grounded lead for improved durability
  • Square insulator & stud base less prone to rotation during nut torqueing

Improved Coil

  • More support material around tab
  • Thick top & bottom lamination plates resists deformation during assembly
  • Higher spark = more energy!

Improved Breaker Assembly

  • Clamp-up force applied to metal frame
  • Improved spring eliminates point bounce
  • Reduced point drift over service life

Improved Block Assembly

  • Arc suppression ribs added to bridge in high tension carbon brush zone reduces miss-firing
  • Geometric asymmetry prevents incorrect installation

Improved Distributor Gear

  • Distributor gear electrode made from Monel for superior arc erosion resistance
  • Electrode heat staked to shaft and hub for mechanical stability

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